Solid wood furniture is strong, long lasting and can be re-sanded, re-finished and re-stained for years to come. That’s the good news. The bad news is, this comes at a price. Since wood is a natural, living, breathing material, it therefore has a tendency to contract or expand, warp or crack as it ages, in relation to environmental changes in temperature and humidity.  Indoor environments, in particular modern homes where dry electric heat or air conditioner is used, may accelerate this process.

One way furniture makers attempt to compensate for this is by using aged wood and reclaimed wood.
A second method of compensation is by using season-dried wood or kiln-dried wood. Season-dried wood, which has been exposed to outside air for extended periods of time, is often harder, though tends to have a higher moisture content and may take months or even years to dry. Kiln-dried wood can be ready to use in under a month, but is softer as the artificial heating process stops the wood from naturally hardening any further.

We either kiln-dry or season-dry our timber depending on what is most suitable for it. Teak, mahogany, smaller pieces of Raintree wood and other similar woods are normally kiln-dried, while timber that are more suited to season-drying, such as massive pieces of Raintree wood used for tabletops, are usually season-dried. All of the timber that we use have been properly dried through either method.

We are confident that our furniture will be able to weather any climatic condition without any major damage. However, as explained above, it is also not possible to be 100% sure that the wood will not change structurally. Therefore, we provide a one-year warranty against structural changes in the wood, including contraction/expansion, splitting/ cracking and warping. This warranty is applicable within the Jabodetabek (Greater Jakarta) area only. Please note that the warranty is not applicable in case of damage caused by normal wear and tear, exposure to outside elements or unsuitable cleaning chemicals, or other improper use of the furniture.