Teak is an extremely durable hardwood. It requires little care and no preservatives or treatment of any kind to protect it from the elements. Natural teak will gradually weather to a handsome silver gray color if left outdoors. Please note that unless otherwise noted, our furniture are intended for indoor use only.

If your teak wood products or furniture is to be used indoors, and away from a lot of natural sunlight, over a period of time — perhaps six months to a year — the wood will gradually become a darker shade of brown.

If you wish to maintain the original tawny color of your furniture, you may consider a light application of Teak Oil.

If your Teak furniture requires cleaning this can be done with a soft brush or pad and some warm mildly soapy water. Wash down afterwards with clean water. There are also proprietary cleaners on the market that can also be used to clean off various deposits and accumulated dirt and stains.

This cleaning method may also be applied to furniture made of other kinds of durable solid wood, such as Jackfruit, Rain Tree, Tamarind or Indian Rosewood.